Packrats at Work

Jim and Elizabeth have been accused of being packrats. Well, OK we agree, but think of it more like saving one-time valuable items from the garbage dump. We do it with old houses, old cars, just old stuff!

Mostly we collect things related to the fiber arts. These include tools used in processing of fibers from harvesting, preparing , spinning, weaving, sewing, ironing, etc. However, on occasion, we will pick up something not related to fiber arts just because it fits our fancy (as my grandmother use to say).

The links on the left list some of our collections of odd and generally not very valuable items. Most of our items came to us from antique stores and flea markets. Some of our friends and relatives who know us well also contribute to our stash. No family heirlooms here!

Someone suggested we start our own museum. However, since we don't have the resources for a brick-and-mortar building, we are creating this virtual museum.

We hope you enjoy your visit.